Monday, April 9, 2012

Polish Haulage :)

This is kinda sick but  i don't work and have tons of time to do what i please with my days... so with that said i went shopping at a few different Walgreens', the beauty supply store and a few other stores and bought a boat load of stuff to dye my hair because i do believe that second to nail polish i ADORE hair dye... lol i've literally dyed my hair EVERY color in the rainbow this month i went back to a color i said i was never gonna ever do again because the upkeep on it is INSANE its worse then Pink and that fades superrrrr fast...  
(if you want to know how and what i used just contact me)

other then the hair dye i bought about 22 or so new bottles(i forgot to take a picture and swatch like half of them) 9 of them i paid a whopping 65 CENTS for and accidentally bought 2 of a few of the bottles so i was originally going to just GIVE them to my really good friend Heidi@ but shes stubborn like a MULE (shes probably reading this and cursing me i LOVE you) so i ending up swapping my 4 with her 1(Zoya- Lolly) 

Below are the pictures of the 14 that i did take a picture of i actually swatched all 14 of them but it was virtually impossible to see the Electro Candy's and the iridescent pearl they have so i'm just posting the other 7... 

Enjoy and Stay tuned i'm going to have some fun stuff coming soon :)

"Eloctro Candy Collection"
Sorry for not swatching but here's a description :)

{Volt of light]- Bright Highlighter Yellow with a blueish green shimmer 
{What a Shock]- Bright Highlighter Green with a blue shimmer
{Electro Candy]- Bright Highlighter Pink with a turquoise shimmer
{Tangerine SCREAM]- Bright Highlighter Orange with a light white shimmer
{Ultra Violet]- Bright Highlighter Purple with a blueish turquoise shimmer
{PURE Energy]- Bright Highlighter Blue with a light green and white shimmer
 FYI: i'm aware that "Lolly" isn't shiny its a "MATE VELVET POLISH"


  1. Those colors are all so fun. I love pink too!

    1. YEA they really are the picture doesn't do them justice :).... Uggghhh LOVE is an UNDERSTATEMENT for the feelings I have for PINK lol

  2. You are such a butthead! <3 you!