Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nail News and Updates

HEYYY I know its been forever but I'm finnnaallllly getting back in the swing of things just as an update for those who are wondering I'm officially down 50lbs and my surgery date has been set for the 13th of August  so almost exactly one month AWAY eeek I'm super excited!!

WEELLL for those of you don't already know in my world when it rains it freaking pours lol so not only have I been really sick for the past few weeks but I had the worst craving for Dr.Pepper (ugh its my cheating weakness:/ but whatevvvs lol) and vanilla ice cream so I was in line at McDonald's feeling completely guilty and my **CHECK GAUGES light comes on and before I can even react !!! BOOOM huge mess radiator fluid and smoke and crap is just flying EVERYWHERE I swear I didn't know where to die laughing or cry. So I have been without vehicle for about 2 weeks now! Can I just say I'm going ABSOLUTELY bonkers. So like I said when it rains it pours... Lets just say that was the rain in this torrential down pour of BS! I call to get a tow, they said it was gonna be a 3 hour wait and they were gonna charge me almost 200 to go like 2 miles!! HELL NO. So I called everyone under the sun mind you its Friday night at like 12 so everyone is out partying and having a good time. So after a few hours of calling and waiting trying to think of something I called and had my AAA reinstated for a whopping $91.00 and got my truck towed home... I get home and the stress made me sick so I'm throwing up America at this point its 6:45 the mechanic shops open around 8 so I stayed awake I called a few shops and they all wanted about $650 I finally found one that only wanted $360 but of course they found out that there was something more then just the radiator broken so I literally just blew my ENTIRE savings for my surgery... I'm still pushing forward though just hoping I can get all the money together before surgery so keep your fingers crossed.

But for some nail news I finally settled into my new "Salon" lol (my second bedroom in my house) so if you guys would like to see a room tour or how I have me stuff set up leave me a comment or send me a message but after all the cleaning and rearranging I did I was really bored and painted my nails I didn't have any inspiration which is weird for me but I went for it more on what ever I felt like so here's some pictures :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

why ive been M.I.A :)

 Hey chickies I know I've been SUPER slacking on you guys and I feel horrible...  but my life has been soooo hectic.. and your always sooo sweet to me and completely understanding so I'm gonna go into depth on whats really going on with me I'm not gonna post anything about nails so if your not interested you can move onto the next post :)... although I was missing I did my nails quite a few times and bought lots of stuff but I was really good about taking pictures so when I was finally able to I could post them on here for you viewing pleasures! lol

OK SOOOO.... as alot of you know Ive been dieting, exercising and going to a gazillion doctor visits since the end of February (02/27/2012 to be exact)and I'm proud to say I've lost a total of 33 lbs(as of 05/07/2012). At this very moment I'm pulling all my documentation together to be sent off to the insurance company for my "Qualification Process" {SO CROSS ALL YOUR FINGERS AND TOES... lol]. If everything comes back OK and with a Stamp of APPROVAL ill be having a VSG Surgery in July sometime sadly June was completely booked :( but I've come to learn everything is better later then never especially when it comes to something like this that I've been waiting for for about 8 years. I'm sure all these terms are throwing your mind into an effing tornado so to go into a better explanation:      

I'm going to have VSG (Vertical Sleeve Gastectomy) its a WLS(Weight Loss Surgery) and is a variation of Gastric Bypass where the stomach is restricted by stapling and dividing it vertically and removing more than 85%. This part of the procedure is not reversible. The stomach that remains is shaped like a very slim banana (as you can  see in the picture) and measures from 1-5 ounces (30-150cc), depending on the surgeon performing the procedure. The nerves to the stomach and the outlet valve (pylorus) remain intact with the idea of preserving the functions of the stomach while drastically reducing the volume.

By comparison, in a Roux-en-Y (which is the technical term for Gastric bypass), the stomach is divided, not removed, and the pylorus is excluded. The Roux-en-Y stomach can be reconnected (reversed) if necessary but there are . But there is no intestinal bypass with this procedure, only stomach reduction. The lack of an intestinal bypass avoids potentially costly, long term complications such as marginal ulcers, vitamin deficiencies and intestinal obstructions that are found in Gastric Bypass. Which is why I've decided on the VSG. besides the statistics that show 34% keep off the weight long term where as for VSG the statistics said 61% keep the weight off.


1) I went to an Information Meeting
     -where you get every question you could think of answered and meet other men and women who are thinking of having some form WLS. You also usually get to meet with the Surgeon and his staff. mine included-- Dr.Paul Wizman(Surgeon), Gwen(RN), Jodi(Nutritionist), Maria(Office Manager).
2) I spoke with my insurance(Aetna) to see what was covered and how many months of prequalification information they needed.
     -I needed 4 months of all 3 doctors a
PCP(Primary Care Physician): i.e. your regular doctor you would go to when your sick, or need a check up.
Psychologist:you do not need to have a past psychologist if you have no past it will not affect your qualifications just try to find someone that deals with "Bariactrics","Eating Disorders" or has had multiple"WLS" clients its just that much easier when it comes to you final paper workup they'll know exactly what to put where as someone who knows NOTHING may miss a few things.  
Nutritionist: like the psychologist you don't need to have a past with a nutritionist all though it does help when trying to qualify it gives them a better platform to build a "Case" on. My surgeons office like I said before has a full staff that he works VERY closely with and he does have a Nutritionist that he works with so I've been seeing her to get to know the women ill be interacting with when it comes to the actual surgery, as they will be in the room with me both pre and post-op.
 *and the #1 question I get asked is how much is it going to cost!!! its sooo hard to answer that because it really depends on your insurance and the hospital you go to and which surgery your getting 
Here's the $$ break down FOR ME:
My insurance is going to cover 90% of the costs of course excluding my doctor visits. the hospital price was rounded down because there will be tax and stuff that I cant include because I wont know exactly till I have the bill in my hands... 
Aftercare:$300 (this is special to my surgeon not all offices provide this)
Surgeon:$250  without insurance $2500.00
Hospital:$2100 without insurance $21000.00
Deductible & Copay:$250+$200=$450

3) I went to all my doctor visits where I was prescribed Adepex and instructed to change my eating habits and I lost 33lbs :)
4) now I'm sending off my qualification packet and awaiting an approval
5)next I'll set my surgery date and start doing my final post qualification but pre-op doctor visits they are "minor procedures" ex rays and stuff like that...
6)Day of surgery will be Monday I'll go check in and  have the surgery and be in the hospital till Thursday.
  • First day I'll only be able to drink water and eat tiny ice cubes.
  • Day 2 I'll be allowed liquids: Broth, Jello, Water, etc...
  • Day 3 they I'll have "Puree Protein": baby food, eggs, chicken, etc...
  • Day 4 Finally I'll be released and hopefully able to eat a few solid foods
then I'll be on the fast tract to "Onederland" its a term WLS patients use when they reach under the 200lb mark I'm super excited thank you for all the support if you have any questions or would like more info on my surgeon please feel free to contact me

                 NOW!                                                           THEN :(

Friday, April 27, 2012

Nail mail and kinda bad news:(

Hey ladies I'm soooo sorry for not posting for the past few days I've really been going through it i almost lost my Reese but she had surgery yesterday and seems to be doing SOOO much better.
I regret to inform you that this post isn't gonna have any nail art :(...... BUUUUUUT i did get NAIL MAIL!!!!!!! On FaceBook I'm in like 6 different Nail groups and my absolute FAVORITE one is Florida Polish Society --you can click the name and it will like you to the group just send a request and become part of this amazing group of girls :) and the Lovely (Jody Bennett Alu) owner of the group makes her own polish, jellies, etc... and you can see and purchase them on her directly( or on her ETSY(!!!  they are AMAZINGGGG she was generous enough to send me one to review and i ADORREEEEEEEEE it!!!!! i beyond adore it, i did my moms manicure last night (i don't have a picture because she had to run back to the vet but i did swatch it) and she is absolutely in LOVE :) its cute as is or over a color polish :)below are a few swatches i did I'm  definitely going to buy more from her i almost don't want to use it because i don't want to ever run out !!! lol

This is the unveiling of my NAIL MAIL
The adorable packaging
her business card and a little Bio about Jody 
Pink Lady this is the jelly i received
And as an extra a NEON Barrette I'm obsessed with Neon ANYTHING!!! the flash blurred it out but its a hibiscus flower

Saturday, April 21, 2012

MY 1st Julep Box

Look what I got!!! My very FIRST BOHO Glam Julep box!!!!
I haven't used anythng yet i literally opened my door and saw it laying on the floor!! I've looked into a bunch of subscription sites, the majority of them range from $9.99-$39.99/monthly and besides the very few that are $40+ after tax and shipping theyre all samples! Dont get me wrong im not greedy I dont want a huge box filled with full size product in it but not the samples i can go to Sephora and Macy's and get for free?! I know you can contact companies and purchase their "Sample Size" that is more then 1 use but less then the full size product at a special rate kinda like wholesale... what EVVVs
so ive been hearing alot about Julep and ive heard a few bad things but not enough to sway me away and when I saw that the first box was a PENNY you cant beat that! I havent used the products yet but my really good friend has and she loves everything so im sure I will too...

soooo to the point this is what I got in my BOXXX:) 

The perfect neutral, sophistocated creamy grey
The CUTEST sunny butter creamy yellow
Julep Facial for Hands
Glycolic hand scrub with apricot seedsto provide double exfoliation. Naturally scented with orange oil for and aromatherapy boost 
....And a Nail file

Thank you :)!!!

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My Nominations
Sooo I honestly just spent like 1000000 hours looking through all the blogs I follow and wasn't able to come up with 15 "NEWish" bloggers so I went into my favorites and picked from there. So many of you have been blogging for a long time!! Holy eff where have I been?! lol I'm officially going on a following frenzy I know that there's soo many of us out there I just have to find them!! :) I legit read every blog I follow so it takes me even longer because I don't just see a nail blog and follow it I have to be interested in what you have to say and like the stuff you post! I don't always comment which is really bad on my end but if I ever see a comment on my blog I try to ALWAYS respond... So I couldn't come up with 15 but these are the 12 that I follow regularly
Here are My Nominations:
I'll be contacting you Chickies soon :)

My 7 VERY RANDOM facts about me :)

1.   I love to color my hair crazy colors as I'm writing this blog I have dye on my head!! lol this is the color that its gonna be!

2.    My Favorite 3 favorite things:
               -the color Pink & Turquoise if its PINK I want it NOWWW!!  
               -Hello Kitty [I'm a little obsessed!!}
               -Lil Wayne [I own every mixtape and album he's ever come out with}
3.    I LOVE Bachata music but I listen to almost every genre except (classical,opera, etc...)
4.    I make random late night trips to Walgreens to buy nail polish and the best El Faro Bakery Peanut Brittle Bars they're like my crack lol I cant eat more then half of it or else Iget so hyper I cant sleep!!
5.     I have 15 tattoos and 10 piercing
6.     I'm obsessed with Alice in Wonderland {the Madd Hatter is my favorite] I have a quote tattooed on my arm"Have you any idea why a Raven is like a Writing desk?"
7.     I've lived in Florida my entire life I was born in Ft. Lauderdale then I was adopted and raised in West Palm Beach :)
    "Thank you to the MOON and BACK"  
Id like to thank my "Nerd Cookie" of a friend Heidi @ for nominating me for this award it means alot I just started my blog a month ago and didn't think I was gonna have a following but she said "Just make the damn blog, and if I'm your only follower I'll follow you till the end!" lol so getting nominated is kinda like a big deal
Meatball [lol inside joke}

Friday, April 20, 2012

Day of Silence Nails Shhh...

Today marks the 17th annual Day Of  Silence... for those of you who don't know I am part of the LGBT community if I had to give myself a label -I am a Lesbian :)! I have been actively apart of this community for 8 years now. I am in a committed relationship with a FTM Transgender while we cannot legally get married in the state of Florida we can have a Domestic Partnership. We are content with that however we are hoping and working towards legalizing Gay Marriage!

This is a cause near and dear to my heart. Its not only a problem in youth, but society as a whole. If you ask all of my friends I am the most outspoken and strong hearted women they know, but truth be told I was a victim like many in school and at home. Due to the harassment and bullying it tainted my views about myself and others leading me down a horrible spiral into drugs, alcohol and an eating disorder, later resulted in dropping out of school all together. Through my winding path I've come across an amazing group of friends that have helped me through those hard times. I am now 5 years clean and sober and finally getting a grip on eating :) 

The National Day of Silence is a day of action in which students across the country vow to take a form of silence to call attention to the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in schools. Founded in 1996, the Day of Silence has become the largest single student-led action towards creating safer schools for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. From the first-ever Day of Silence at the University of Virginia in 1996, to the organizing efforts in over 8,000 middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities across the country in 2008, its textured history reflects its diversity in both numbers and reach. Over the years people have confused the meaning and mission that the Day Of Silence was put into action for to read the TRUTH ABOUT THE Day  Of Silence visit

My CLOSE and DEAREST friend Heidi ( came up with the idea to do a manicure in support of the Day of Silence. I am currently not a student and so to take a Day of Silence as an adult, this is our way of showing support. There are no set in stone colors but there are other organizations that deal with hate and bullying and LGBT suicide which are commonly-- Red, Black, White and Purple.

I hope you enjoy my take on this day and if you or someone you know has questions about the LGBT community or my life please feel free to email me (Contact info)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hot Pink Cupcake Nails

this week i have a bunch of friends and family that are having birthdays so i decided to do a little nail art in homage to them :). i absolutely ADORE my little cupcakes. The hot pink is one of the polishes i bought last week on my Polish Haulage post{you can click the link to read that post] and i ABSOLUTELY LOVVVVEEE IT! when i swatched it it wasn't the same as it is on my nails i liked the swatch but it just seems soooo much brighter on my nails then on my swatch and for $1.99 you cant beat that! this polish is not like most neons that are sheer and usually have a little shimmer in them and turn matte when they dry. this one has NO shimmer and is SUUUPPEERRRR creamy which is hard to find. Have any of you tried Chelly before and if so do you like it as much as i do? Whats your favorite brand for neons?

Please dont forget follow my blog i always follow back & pass it along to friends. i love to hear from you guys and when i get to enough followers im going to start doing giveaways and other fun stuff :) if you havent seen yet im doing a "Nail Challenge Collab" with Heidi @ in the month of May {Summer Nail Challenge Link] so check it out!!! i cant wait to see what you guys are gonna come up with!
Polish used:
{Hot Pink]
Chelly- #72
{Base For my cupcake]
Orly- Bare Rose