Friday, April 27, 2012

Nail mail and kinda bad news:(

Hey ladies I'm soooo sorry for not posting for the past few days I've really been going through it i almost lost my Reese but she had surgery yesterday and seems to be doing SOOO much better.
I regret to inform you that this post isn't gonna have any nail art :(...... BUUUUUUT i did get NAIL MAIL!!!!!!! On FaceBook I'm in like 6 different Nail groups and my absolute FAVORITE one is Florida Polish Society --you can click the name and it will like you to the group just send a request and become part of this amazing group of girls :) and the Lovely (Jody Bennett Alu) owner of the group makes her own polish, jellies, etc... and you can see and purchase them on her directly( or on her ETSY(!!!  they are AMAZINGGGG she was generous enough to send me one to review and i ADORREEEEEEEEE it!!!!! i beyond adore it, i did my moms manicure last night (i don't have a picture because she had to run back to the vet but i did swatch it) and she is absolutely in LOVE :) its cute as is or over a color polish :)below are a few swatches i did I'm  definitely going to buy more from her i almost don't want to use it because i don't want to ever run out !!! lol

This is the unveiling of my NAIL MAIL
The adorable packaging
her business card and a little Bio about Jody 
Pink Lady this is the jelly i received
And as an extra a NEON Barrette I'm obsessed with Neon ANYTHING!!! the flash blurred it out but its a hibiscus flower

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  1. How is Reese doing? She's a very pretty girl. I hope she is all better soon.