Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sunny Spring Nails

OK so I'm gonna vent to you guys for a second because its really annoying how rude intentional or unintentional people are!! with that said let the venting begin!!!... Its so funny how many times a day people grab my hands and say "I LOVE your nails" and I'm always asked "owwww who does your nails?" and BY NO MEANS does that bother me i love and accept compliments with genuine appreciation BUTTTTTTTTTTT when I say me I get these crazy weird cross eyed looks like I'm a liar just twits my tweeker!! I usually just say"haha I'm glad you like them" and walk away or hand them a business card because I'm not a big bragger about my accomplishments. i never just jump up and say [in my crazy Puerto Rican voice}"DUHHH I did my nails!!!! I've been doing nails for 8 years, I didn't start yesterday!" even though if you know me it wouldn't surprise you if i said it. I've had extensive training and I've won a bunch of awards for my nail art and gel sculpting! I just don't see the point I LOATHE backhanded compliments and that's exactly what that it .

 But any whozums I've been stuck in my house for about a week or so (i dislocated my hip) and i haven't been able to go outside and see the sun so the nail art was inspired by Sunny Florida and summery spring weather
 Left Hand
Right Hand

The polishes used: 
[Pinky red orange}
Wet-n-Wild(MEGAlast) : Heatwave
Wet-n-Wild(Wild Shine): Sunny side up
[Clearish Pink}
Orly: Bare rose*

*I franken my clearish pinks by using a few drops of a brighter red nail polish to make the pink hue a lot pinkier without having to layer on coasts and coasts of it... Its just a personal preference but i LOVE the look of a pink nail bed with a colored/white french instead of a creamy or nothing at all. I'll post 3 pictures below of what I'm talking about, but none of which are my work 
Top to Bottom:
1}. American French
2}. Creamy French
3}. Classic French

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