Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nail News and Updates

HEYYY I know its been forever but I'm finnnaallllly getting back in the swing of things just as an update for those who are wondering I'm officially down 50lbs and my surgery date has been set for the 13th of August  so almost exactly one month AWAY eeek I'm super excited!!

WEELLL for those of you don't already know in my world when it rains it freaking pours lol so not only have I been really sick for the past few weeks but I had the worst craving for Dr.Pepper (ugh its my cheating weakness:/ but whatevvvs lol) and vanilla ice cream so I was in line at McDonald's feeling completely guilty and my **CHECK GAUGES light comes on and before I can even react !!! BOOOM huge mess radiator fluid and smoke and crap is just flying EVERYWHERE I swear I didn't know where to die laughing or cry. So I have been without vehicle for about 2 weeks now! Can I just say I'm going ABSOLUTELY bonkers. So like I said when it rains it pours... Lets just say that was the rain in this torrential down pour of BS! I call to get a tow, they said it was gonna be a 3 hour wait and they were gonna charge me almost 200 to go like 2 miles!! HELL NO. So I called everyone under the sun mind you its Friday night at like 12 so everyone is out partying and having a good time. So after a few hours of calling and waiting trying to think of something I called and had my AAA reinstated for a whopping $91.00 and got my truck towed home... I get home and the stress made me sick so I'm throwing up America at this point its 6:45 the mechanic shops open around 8 so I stayed awake I called a few shops and they all wanted about $650 I finally found one that only wanted $360 but of course they found out that there was something more then just the radiator broken so I literally just blew my ENTIRE savings for my surgery... I'm still pushing forward though just hoping I can get all the money together before surgery so keep your fingers crossed.

But for some nail news I finally settled into my new "Salon" lol (my second bedroom in my house) so if you guys would like to see a room tour or how I have me stuff set up leave me a comment or send me a message but after all the cleaning and rearranging I did I was really bored and painted my nails I didn't have any inspiration which is weird for me but I went for it more on what ever I felt like so here's some pictures :)