Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gay PRIDE Rainbow Nails

I went to West Palm Beach Gay PRIDE on March 25th and of course had ro rock my GAY PRIDE NAILS :) I've had a few of you ask me what I use for nail art.... and to be honest I NEVER use the stripper polishes they're not expensive but considering what I'm using its like buying gold I think I own maybe 2 or 3 and they were given to me... I use acrylic paint and one bottle is around 89¢ but if you shop at Michael's then you know they ALWAYS have amazing coupons for like 30-50% off 1 item or 20% off your entire purchase etc.. so they are dirt freeking cheap and you can use them for years and if the get a little lumpy "JUST ADD WATER"... haha instead of the polishes that will last you a while but eventually will dry out and cant easily be mix to change the color or be used with other brushes. So if your new to nail art and don't want to spend $30 on art polish go to your local craft store and grab a few acrylic paints (Red,Yellow,Blue,Black and White) just to start they can all be mixed to make new colors and overtime spring for those colors you just cant live without. I use the bigger 8fl oz. bottles of Black and White so i don't run out as fast because i use them soooooo often and i mix them with other colors to lighten and darken them but the fun colors i buy the littler 59ml bottles.

Now after all that bare with me a little longer because as you can see I've used literally every color in the Rainbow.... haha

The colors used:
Sinfulcolors: Pink
InColor: Creamcicle 
Klean Colors: Neon Yellow
Sinfulcolors: Innocent
Sinfulcolors: Why not
Sinfulcolors: Dream on

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