Saturday, April 21, 2012

MY 1st Julep Box

Look what I got!!! My very FIRST BOHO Glam Julep box!!!!
I haven't used anythng yet i literally opened my door and saw it laying on the floor!! I've looked into a bunch of subscription sites, the majority of them range from $9.99-$39.99/monthly and besides the very few that are $40+ after tax and shipping theyre all samples! Dont get me wrong im not greedy I dont want a huge box filled with full size product in it but not the samples i can go to Sephora and Macy's and get for free?! I know you can contact companies and purchase their "Sample Size" that is more then 1 use but less then the full size product at a special rate kinda like wholesale... what EVVVs
so ive been hearing alot about Julep and ive heard a few bad things but not enough to sway me away and when I saw that the first box was a PENNY you cant beat that! I havent used the products yet but my really good friend has and she loves everything so im sure I will too...

soooo to the point this is what I got in my BOXXX:) 

The perfect neutral, sophistocated creamy grey
The CUTEST sunny butter creamy yellow
Julep Facial for Hands
Glycolic hand scrub with apricot seedsto provide double exfoliation. Naturally scented with orange oil for and aromatherapy boost 
....And a Nail file

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